Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautiful Song

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will you change for me

Today I thought about all my relationship that passed by through those years.
Can we really learn and gain at least any experience from them or will we stay the same as we are?
Basically I know that I’ll never change in something big. I’m as I am and no one can really do something about it. I used to believe in bright future that after some months passed by, my boyfriend will be not as he was, but it means more to live in delusion than to be realistic. He can’t be someone else just as I can’t.
My friend Ann hated when her boyfriend was lying on the coach with popcorn and idiotic movie. She tried to change things a little bit, but what could she do? It is obviously impossible to explain that something he is doing is wrong only because she doesn’t like it. As something bad for one, is the best for other. I mean if someone would tell you that chocolate is so unhealthy would you consider to not eating it at all? Me-probably not.
We were just talking about unbearable things when my other friend Kate remembered her own story with kind of strange guy, who was making a mess everywhere he was. At first it wasn’t very irritating, but it was getting worse with time. When she got home after very long working day, his socks where everywhere instead where they should be - in bin. The situation was funny as dishes where on the bed in the bath and anyplace where it can even be thrown. The normal women will certainly speak with boyfriend. That was exactly what Kate was going to do. She learned the speech and was prepared for any situation and any question. She decided not to clean house that day, do not cook and even do not take socks from every corner and just sit, breathe out and start fully prepared conversation.
She started quite straight without any hints.
“Why are you putting your socks anywhere instead laundry bin” - Kate said with calm intonation like it wasn’t that thing, which she hated the most.
“I’ve never noticed” – with lightning speed answered Mike
Was he even serious? How you wouldn’t notice socks on the table.
The conversation was just starting.
“Why spaghetti is in the bathroom?” – Kate noticed. The slight aggregation was in the air.
“O…I must have forgot about them. Sorry” – bold-faced Mike told her.
But then, at that point, it was the end to the sweet candy Kate’s voice.
The result: huge scandal, socks everywhere, spaghetti in the bathroom, great sex, complete mutual understanding.
So maybe in some cases we can’t except and live with little imperfection of someone, but we can be blind to the real faults of each other.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friend Finders: what we really know about them

I have been reading a lot of information about social webs recently.There are plenty of them and a millions of people surfing in order to find what they all are looking for.

It doesn't really matter why are you opening facebook or what is the reason to follow the blog. The most important part of all is the communication between people. None of us wants to be alone in life, we all are searching for someone who can share our problems and happiness.

But is there a difference between them? Do you know where to find friends that you are interested in. What do you know about sex contacts ?

I never thought that there is a big pack of people that really like to talk about sex, that are not shy to have even one with someone you can hardly know. Sometimes there can be a happy marriages through those. If  you don't believe me, the example of Adult Friend Finder is really good one. As I check out the registration is free; it is actually in the most social networks. And you won't believe me, but there is more than 33 millions of members. The most interesting here that people are from all over the world. If you live in the small town , don't be surprise if you'll find someone there, because people are making their life more virtual than real one. As the real became virtual it is fair to say that virtual is a reality for many of us.

I was thinking about sex and the Internet ... can we really have the same sex on the Internet as our parents did on the phone and as their parents did in letters?

We obviously can. If you are signing up for such social networks as Adult Friend Finder that means you are open to all those things and you are not alone as more than 33 millions of others also thing just like you. So what do you thing ? How important is to find the person that can really understand you, that can have a sex on the phone or that can meet you only because he thinks you are hot. Those issues are quite important in our life. Those are the key ones as work is taking all of the peoples mind and time. I will life the link to Adult Friend Finder in case you have realized that this is something you want. Good luck, guys.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends with Ex

Is it even possible to be friends with someone you used to be in love?

It was never hard for me to stay friends with my ex, but in the word “friend” it was always something different for both of us. As to me “friend” might be a person, that is special, with whom I can always speak about everything, I should respect him and tune in. ex boyfriend is almost the best candidate for this role as he knows you better than anyone else, you have something common and you were together for some time and for a reason. Of course it is extremely important why you split up, but if you just realized you’re not just that into him and he stated the same, why not to be friends?

I would love to have friend that can always give me advice and simply be happy for me. As I’m imagining the situation in my head, the picture is clearing up. What if you’ve split up, but one of you still have feelings to another. Will you be able to become friend for the person you love?

It is possible, but you should love this person as much as your life. Hard to believe that this can even happen in life; in the movie it obviously can.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Is it possible that those two people could really exist? I mean it is obviously that those two families could, but two young and such naive, who where in love with each other just after few seconds past by… is it possible in modern life to meet someone and fall in love barely knowing each other?

It is too easy to be in love with someone you don’t even know quite well, as you don’t have to accept all drawbacks and submit that imperfection in person you love.

I know a lot of stories when love suffered from financial situations, friend’s even hobbies. So do we even know what this word means, if little nothings of life can destroy relationship with person?

So when you feel like a peaceful ocean, wind free sky or beautiful sunset this is your habitude of soul. Love can really improve your state of mind and rose you to any rashness.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crisis in Riga, Latvia

Crisis in Riga, Latvia

It’s so hard to explain what it really means to live in Latvia. It’s like the whole different world not even close to Europe. From one point of view, the location is just amazing, it’s so small and convenient, but let see from the other one. Our amazing Gulf of Riga is the most polluted one, people living here are from two different nationalities and, as for the rest of Europe or USA it‘s not a problem, for my country it is. The interesting part here starts from relationship between people; it‘s like two enemies living together, but I should say: „Hey guys, what is wrong with you? “ Why we should live in hatred of each other?

Why Russians can‘t live with Latvians? Why in one country there are citizens and aliens (this is exactly what is written in some of the passports issued by Latvian Republic). How that is even possible?

Riga as a part of EU is one of the most beautiful places in the union, but with the most stupid governmental and people attitude to life. No one wants to fight for their lives, the most part of young specialists are already in UK working as hotel staff or doing strawberry harvest.

I love my country very much, but when I see what is going on around me, I just can’t live in these conditions. Our pension is not even that high in order to provide living wage.

So as we are part of EU, what the hell is going on here?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love or Independence

I never thought about what exactly is the most important in life … is it relationships with someone, or maybe it’s just having sex and making things that you adore or is it a big snatch of money. The list of indispensable is different for each of us, but is it possible that we have some common?

When I’m in relationship with someone it’s hard to tell if I’m happy… at the certain point I’m sure I am, but will it last forever. When you’re fifteen or something you believe in that his the one, but the worst thing that you believe in is his the one forever. Forget it! Totally forget about it! It’s beautiful for fairytale, but considering the real life it won’t work like this.

Think about how hard is it to be with someone for 20 years and what if you like to make a career? Will you have a support from that person or you’ll have to quit a job and be a housewife.

So what is really important for modern women?

A long time ago, there won’t be such questions, but in today’s life you need to pay bills, you want to go in spa, you like to travel, to go clubbing, to watch movie, to buy fashionable houses, designer clothes… there a lot things that you can do in the modern world, so will the love always stand on the first place no matter what?

The independence, this is exactly what can build and at the same time ruin all the relationships. We all want to be independent if not now, than in the future some of us certainly will. To be the master of yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t be in love it just helps you to be in love with yourself on the first place.

We got used to working mothers and fathers, children staying with nannies and that’s all again only because of desire to be independent.

One of my friends put her life straight by that line. Is she happy? In some point she is, but does she feel herself like real women, I doubt it. However, she has stable life with insurance, that if her love will go away, she will never be on the street.